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Quantum computing for clinical research

🤖 AI ⚛️ Quantum Computing 🏥 Healthcare

IBM and the Cleveland Clinic are entering a 10-year partnership to enhance the Clinic's research capabilities with AI, quantum computing, and the cloud. The partnership will drive innovation in genomics, single-cell transcriptomics, population health, clinical applications, and chemical and drug discovery. Read more

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Alibaba is using AI to digitize the Olympic Games

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is exploring solutions to digitally transform the Olympic Games. Among these solutions are systems for improved logistics of equipment, a digital accreditation system, and a social media monitoring system for the content created by sports fans. Read more

🤖 AI 🎧 Entertainment

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JPMorgan's blockchain payments in space

Another use case of JPMorgan's blockchain platform comes from space. JPMorgan has tested blockchain payments between satellites for its blockchain platform Onyx. The test illustrates how decentralized and autonomous payments between IoT devices could work. The project also shows the possibility of blockchain-powered marketplaces for satellite data. The satellites that are used to run JPMorgan's software are provided by the Danish manufacturer and supplier of nanosatellites GOMspace. Read more

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